Thursday, August 30, 2012

Four Final Friday Picks: Bands, Books, Art, Nursery Rhymes, Hot Dogs, and Wayne Propst

Another Final Friday is looming, and here are four fine picks for your artsy pleasure:

1)  The SeedCo building in the ELFK Warehouse Arts District immediately established itself as a hotspot last month with two floors of art and a line-up of bands that stretched late into the night.  For tomorrow's festivities, our cassette-loving buddies at Whatever Forever have put together a showcase of bands featuring
Agent X12 / Baby Jessica / Carey Scott / Plains / OILS / Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra / and CS Luxem (check out a major profile of CS Luxem over at I Heart Local Music. 

Music kicks off about 7:30.

And here's a cool video promo:  look closely for a scene from No Law's legendary "Church of Malt Liquor," AKA "the hole in the ground by the train station."

2)  Read Across Lawrence  has chosen Winter's Bone for this year's selection and everybody's getting in on the action from Nerd Nite to Film Church to PBR Book Club to appearances by the great man himself, Daniel Woodrell.  The official kick-off is tomorrow night at the Percolator with an art installation, a performance by the Hairy Vetch String Band (Chip: "Is a hairy vetch what I think it is?  Almost certainly it's not."), and a lot of books to be given away.  Let the Winter's Bone boner jokes begin!

3)  Our Wonder Fair friends are bringing the weirdness as usual with an opening called "The Cat, The Dish, and The Spoon" :   "Sculptural installations and large-scale prints will transform the gallery into a 21st-century nursery rhyme set—where childhood innocence is subtly undermined by sly modern disillusionment."

And of course it's not a Wonder Fair opening without some of their patented shenanigans to accompany the art:
"...local photographer Kelsey Hunter will be on hand with a vintage-styled school photo set, ready to snap visitors’ photos for our first ever Wonder Fair Yearbook (to be published online); we’ll debut our line of Wonder Fair screen-printed back-to-school supplies, featuring designs by Sarah Swyers; and of course, we’ll be serving up a signature Cat-Dish-Spoon cocktails and cheap beers at our Wonder Bar."
Visit the Wonder Fair site for more details.


4)  The Pig's opening is called "6 X 6 More or Less" and contains no description except for "FREE HOT DOGS" and "WAYNE PROPST."  But what more could you want, really?  See you there.

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