Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap: Poehler Lofts, Honky Tonk, Film Church, and Flaming Bike Ramps / Also: Nerd Nite Preview

Let's take a look at what we saw and didn't see this weekend.

We saw inside the Poehler Lofts at the open house on Saturday afternoon.  Presumably all that police tape in the hallways will be removed once the building is complete?   Although we saw nothing to immediately convince us that East LFK is the future "Santa Fe of the Midwest" (especially since the Cider Gallery and Dog Walk Cncert Venue are not completed), we're going to choose to believe the hype anyway.

We saw local hero Chuck Mead playing at the Lawrence Arts Center in the newest installment of the 940 Live concert series.  The old folks in attendance proved they could be just as obnoxious as the whippersnappers in the clubs:  they spent half the show drunkenly yelling requests that Mead at first tolerated but later grew annoyed by.  Even so, Mead praised the venue, saying it was nice to play somewhere "less smelly" than his usual Bottleneck shows.  Look at BARRR on stage delivering beers and still wearing his pretty red shoes.  Mead seems to be mesmerized by those shoes.

We saw Liberty Hall's Film Church screening of Annie Hall.  200 people eating biscuits and gravy and swilling Bloody Marys and laughing uproariously?? Holy shit!  This is a great new event and we're looking forward to The Apartment next month.   Here's Maggie's design for the program:

Sadly, we did NOT see these dudes jumping bikes off a flaming ramp into Potter Lake on Stop Day.  But thank goodness the intrepid Town Talk reporter from the LJ-World covered the story.  Read about it
here (picture via LJ-World):


 We're always hyped for Nerd Nite, but we're especially hyped for Nerd Nite 6 since it features a couple of our nerdy pals, Nick Spacek and Rob "Robocopter" Schulte.

Nick's lecture is called "Vinyl Nerds and Collector Scum: Record variants & the obsessive collectors who chase them."   We're hoping to hear some rare tracks.

Rob's is called "A Long GIFs journey Into Phones."  (As Victor Continental often advises during his shows, you might want to step outside and "take a hit off the one-hitter" prior to this presentation).

And the third presentation is Nathan Pickett's "Do Hackers Dream of Electric Beeps?"  We don't know Nathan Pickett, but we're sold on the Philip K. Dick reference of his title.

See you at Pachamama's on Wednesday.

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