Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Opportunities: FestyFest, Comanche the Horse, and Liam Neeson Fighting Robots at Sea

Are you a hippie who is bummed out because The Man drove all your groovy brethren down to Arkansas for Wakarusa Fest?  Well, there's still a small-scale camping fest here in LFK that can meet your need (for music and--we suspect--weed).   Yes, it's FestyFest weekend. 

For those not in the know, FestyFest is a "private,  2 day music and camping event held in Lawrence, Ks... made up of up to 50 bands, 3 stages,  and about 20 crew members who love outdoor music!"  Visit the official site for full details on how to attend.  Attendance sounds bizarrely complicated (it involves the website "Band or Bar," a service which has been promised for years but as best as we can tell still doesn't really function), but we're guessing you can attend pretty easily if you've got some "kind bud" (Chip: "That's what hippies call their reefer.").

Other LFK music options for tonight include catching "Jungle Fever" with Mingle and the Team Bear Club crew at the TapRoom and watching a new(ish) band called Comanche the Horse at the Replay matinee.  We're intrigued by this photo from the Comanche the Horse Facebook page :


Or perhaps you want to beat the early summer heat with a delightful Hollywood epic such as Battleship, which opens today.  Yes, it's based on the game Battleship and appears to be about Liam Neeson fighting robots at sea.

The San Francisco Chronicle says:
"It's loud, it's large, it's stupid, and its best gag involves a chicken burrito."

 Chip:  "You had me at loud."

And the Detroit Metro Times says:

"...more than two hours of high-priced explosion porn that piles on its chest-thumping "America, f&%k yeah!" machismo with a brazenness that makes Top Gun seem Merchant-and-Ivory quaint."

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