Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Scenester Picks / LJ-World Editorial of the Week

Sure, KVKL kickball may have reached its scenester zenith a few years back, but let's face it:  the majority of you who are reading this will be at Hobb's Field tonight drinking Hamm's and watching Asteroid Head take on Dirty Mike and the Boyz.

But there are other events today as well.

For the wealthy:  KD Lang graces LFK for the first time.  She's at the Lied Center tonight.

For the poetic:    David Ohle reads at a special "Fiction Edition" of the Tap Room poetry series.  Surely the PBR Book Club will eventually get around to Motorman and invite Ohle out for beers to discuss.  In fact, why has this just now occurred to us??  Read this blurb from Ben Marcus:

"For a long time I was scared to read Motorman. It had come recommended to me in such hushed tones that it sounded disruptively incendiary and illegal. Not only would the reader of this crazed novel burn to ashes, apparently, but he might be posthumously imprisoned for reading the book—a jar of cinder resting in a jail cell. Books were not often spoken of so potently to me, as contraband, as narcotic, as ordnance. There was the whispered promise that my mind would be blown after reading Motorman. There was the assurance that once I read it I would drool with awe, writerly awe, the awe of watching a madman master at work, David Ohle, awesomely carving deep, black holes into the edifice of the English language."

Also on the poetry bill is our friend Tasha.  Go and listen.  And get the full scoop here .

For fans of murder ballads:  MAW's at the Replay matinee.  Familiarize yourself with a few tunes  here .

Look at this terrific poster:


We haven't showcased an LJ-World editorial-of-the-week in awhile, but here's an amusing one:

"Of all the outlandish pieces to grace the editorial column of the Journal-World over past years, one of the most bizarre appeared in the May 14 issue, entitled “Overreacting.”  Here, the writer dishes up a defense of certain varieties of student hazing as “harmless acts” in the spirit of Gaudeamus Igitur, old times’ sake or just plain “fun.” He mercifully excludes the more sadistic and demeaning forms of hazing from the approval rating, but says it’s OK for kids to litter the homeowner’s premises with toilet paper and deface his car with greasepaint. One wonders what other forms of “harmless” vandalism might pass muster under the writer’s indulgent eye. Can freshman beanies, nightshirt parades and consensual panty raids be far behind?"

Chip:  "For fuck's sake, there's nothing wrong with an old-fashioned panty raid, especially when it's 'consensual.'  This cantankerous writer is just begging for someone to deface his jalopy with greasepaint."

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