Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scenester Pick of the Day: M83 at Granada / Interview With Robocopter: "I'm Kind of Like the New 52 Bruce Wayne."

Do you hear that scenester buzz?  It's because M83 is in town for a sold-out show at the Granada tonight.  We won't be there, but we'll look forward to your reports.   The new M83 album is 74 minutes long (longer than the entire recorded output of Rooftop Vigilantes?) and Pitchfork bestows a staggering 9.1 on it, writing of one of the tracks:

 Some might consider "Raconte-Moi Une Histoire" a throwaway because it's "the one about a magic frog," but besides embodying the whiplash emotions of youth by following the magnificent melancholy of "Wait", its almost eerie brightness and Windows 95-era sound effects capture a technological optimism better than a lot of artists who are trying only to do that. 

 Shit, we DO like songs about magic frogs.  Perhaps we should have bought a ticket after all.

Read the full Pitchfork review here .



Sadly, Baiowolf is no more, but their many pranks will be fondly recalled in LFK for years to come. Fear not, however, because Baiowolf's Rob Schulte is still doing weird shit all the time.  His solo project, Robocopter, has a big show at Burcham Park on May 6, and Rob will also be presenting at the May 9 Nerd Nite on the animated gifs he is always making and posting on his Tumblr page [lecture title: "A Long gifs Journey Into Phone."]. 

Enjoy this chat with Rob which deals with carrot puke, pizza, drugs, and the mystery of human existence.

Chip: So, your old band Baiowolf had a reputation for doing all kinds of crazy shit. Tell us about a few of your most memorable gigs.

Robocopter:  One time "hot-dick-cop-killer" and I decided to engage in a contest: we would only ingest carrots, water, and alcohol, until the other cracked. We started the morning of a show, went to the grocery store and bought a variety of orange carrot sticks. The afternoon was pretty easy, some fights in our apartment due to pizza detox, but other than that we were fairly ok.--i think its important to note that this was during a particularly DRY summer in Lawrence--
HDCC suggests we go to a liquor store prior to rehearsal. We then drank a bunch of beer while having a raw carrot dinner and rehearsing our set... Later on someone brought a bag of wine inside of a teddy bear... then I think we played a show, but I do remember the next morning the walls of the bathroom in our apartment looked kick-ass with the new orange design.
 Also one time we played a show at the Granada for one of Joe Wilson's birthday parties.  It ended up with us throwing garbage cans around. That was pretty cool.

Richard: I recently caught a Robocopter performance at Wonder Fair and reviewed it in in this fashion: “Robocopter’s shouty hip-hop delivery of weighty-themed songs about the hollow "mechanism" of American institutions makes for an amusing contrast to his multimedia display of cute animal videos.” Tell us about the Robocopter sound and your approach to live performance.


80% of ideas for performance come from the idea that no one asked to be brought into this world, yet we have to adhere to ridiculous rules.
10% of ideas come from pizza.
10% of ideas come from Drugs. I oftentimes have head aches so Ibuprofen comes in handy. It's been tough ever since the drug store left Mass. 

Richard: Do you have a personal favorite lyric/lyrics from one of your songs?

Robocopter: I've always liked "A cell is a cell and I hate to rant; so I can't eat an animal, but I can eat a plant?"  [Listen on Soundcloud  here ].

Chip: I think my favorite lyric of yours is: “I make a lot of gifs and I smoke a lot of joints."  I suspect it's autobiographical.
Robocopter:They're my two favorite hobbies. Add full internet access into the mix and *boosh* you've got a party.

Richard: Let’s talk more about making gifs. You’ve got a Nerd Nite presentation on that subject coming up on May 9 right? Tell us what to expect from that. Also, do you have a favorite gif that you’ve made?

Robocopter: I wish that the Nerd Nite presentation could involve joints...I'm going to talk about gif history, pronunciation and lots of flames, American flags, and sub-zeros.  I've attached some faves.

[check them out down below!]

Chip: You recently told us you’re working on a new “master control center” for your music. What the hell does that mean? And is it housed in some kind of underground lair?

Robocopter: I live underground, and I've recently bought 36 feet of rope light for $10, and I have access to an Ipad. I'm kind of like the new 52 Bruce Wayne.

Richard: Tell us about the upcoming Robocopter gig at Burcham Park? What can we expect at that show and what else is coming up for Robocopter in 2012?

Robocopter: I've been working on an album, that I've started over on 3 times, but now I've got a bit of momentum and actual shows to plan for.  Burcham Park will be fun, bunch of folks slummin' it and eating bbq. My set is going to be fairly short to make time for some of the other acts, a couple new songs I haven't done before and a couple songs off "Dead With It" (not the Jim Jones track.)

[Check out the show's FB event  page ].

Chip: We know that you’re working at the Bottleneck these days. What’s your take on the place. Is it on the verge of being awesome again?

Robocopter: I really enjoy working at The Bottleneck, I believe the plan is to keep hosting awesome shows. I've worked for other venues as well, and they are great too, but I have the most fun here.

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