Friday, May 4, 2012

North LFK Pick of the Day: Grand Opening of Frank's North Star Tavern / Plus: The Town's Most Romantic Dumpster and Another Chicken Controversy

Readers, you all know about the huge Rooftop Vigilantes/Mouthbreathers/Dry Bonnet show at the Tap tonight and most of you probably know about the Drakkar Sauna matinee at the Replay, but don't overlook today's grand opening of Frank's North Star Tavern  over in No Law.   Doors open at 3:00.  We plan on stopping by for a quick beer prior to the Drakkar show and seeing if this place is as awesome as we're hoping.

Just look at those delicious PBR tallboys nestled at the bottom left corner, calling our name!  (photo from Frank's North Star Tavern FB page:  go here and "like" them ).


One of the recent items debated by the City Fathers was the possible removal of the dumpster behind the Social Service League, which led one of our local heroes, KT Walsh, to make this moving declaration:

 “The Social Service League Dumpster is a cultural icon,” Walsh told the commission. “I am not exaggerating. People shop there 24/7. People take their kids there. People take their dates there.”(via LJ-World's "Town Talk."

And chickens are once again a hot topic in LFK due to the City Fathers' decision to shut down Orscheln Farm's long-running Chick Days Sale because it's "in violation of a city code crafted to regulate the raising of chickens in residential backyards."  Wait, we thought it WAS legal to have backyard chickens? It's so hard to figure out the chicken rules in this town! 

Let's see what the talkbackers think (hint:  they are as furious as we've ever seen them!):

57Chevy says: "WOW! This may be the most important single mistake the city government ever made... The inane application of local law to discourage self-sufficiency and local business should be cause for an immediate change in government. "Fire Corliss" bumper stickers will be on sale at all farmers markets that sell chickens or eggs shortly."

Reticent_Irreverent says: "Orscheln can't sell chicks, but some lady can sell the services to eat human placenta. Cannibalism at it's best."

 And flyin_squirrel offers a useful recap of his top choices for recent City Father fuck-ups:

So far this month our government has:
- Shut down Orschein's chick sales
- Trying to close Taste bar because it attracts blacks
- Busted a bunch of college kids for drinking in their own house (while the federal government ships adults the same age to war)
- told a hotel it cannot build on land zoned for a hotel
- closed down a trailer park, forcing a bunch of families to be homeless

When does government stop?

Read the full LJWorld story and talkback here .

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