Monday, May 14, 2012

LFK Gets a New Music Series at the Percolator and Kansas Gets a Happy Hour (Maybe)

Readers, have you been hoping for a local music series in which each installment begins with Craig Comstock serving up a delicious dish?  If so, your prayers have been answered!

The  "Pass the Hat" series makes its official debut at the Percolator this Tuesday May 15 (potluck dinner at 5; music at 7:00).

The bands for tomorrow will be Chicago's Bears of Blue River, with  CS Luxem and Oils . Check out the FB event page for the show here . Craig sent us a nice press release for the event which we'll print in full: 

"So we are starting this Pass-the-Hat Series at the Percolator. The plan is to have a potluck at 5pm  to feed the audience and the band, then have the music start at 7pm. Whenever possible the show will be outside in the driveway/lawn of the Percolator. All shows will be all-ages.

So far we've had one show that went quite well... A couple of bands from Miami, FL: Scraping Teeth and Holly Hunt plaed on Friday April 13th along with Folkicide from Kansas City and myself, This Is My Condition. I made some Leb Lebi (Tunisian Chickpea Breakfast Soup) and some folks brought popcorn, chips and salsa and a couple other things.

The format is inspired by several shows I played in Europe at TIMC where they had meals before-hand and really created a great relaxed atmosphere for the show. I'm thinking in particular of Hyrbida space in Tarcento, Italy in 2007.

Coming up we have Bears of Blue River from Chicago playing with CS Luxem and Oils next Tuesday May 15th.
After that, on May 21st we have No Milk  from Tampa, FL and  This is my Condition plus a few others yet to be determined  [update: one of them is Robocopter!!].

No Milk is Brigid Ochshorn, synth-pop, sometimes on roller skates. I've seen her play a few times down at the International Noise Conference in Miami. Cool stuff.

INC... is a festival I have gone to about every other year and will likely bring lots of folks from that festival to Lawrence if I can... as well as random folks who need to play shows that are a bit more under-the-radar and odd than the typical bar or even house-party fare.

Really... we're not doing anything all that different than, say, the awesome Pizza Power via Whatever Forever Tapes and generally house shows where people obviously have to eat. We're also continuing in the tradition of the Percolator by including potlucks. We will be "passing the hat" to gather money to pay the bands. The Percolator is a non-profit project space and so is not trying to "make a buck" but just make sure the bands are fed, folks hear them, and they walk away with some money to keep on rolling.

Visit the Percolator site here .


There's exciting news in the world of Kansas booze this week:  happy hour has been officially approved (so long as Brownback signs the bill).  At long last it's looking like Kansas tipplers can finally enjoy happy hour specials like the rest of civilization.  Here's a funny comment from the Pitch talkback on the issue:

"Good news, but I'm amazed that Kansas got around to this, and will be equally amazed if Brownback gets around to signing it. Has anyone checked to see if there are any provisions involving the uterus in the bill? I was under the impression that no laws could be passed in Kansas without one..."

Now do your duty, Governor, and let's get Happy! 

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