Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KU vs. Mizzou: The Hatred Continues / Plus, Super Nerd Night: Steampunk Hillbilly Edition at the Bottleneck

Sure, the sports rivalry between KU and Mizzou may have ended, but we're pleased to see the hatred living on in the current controversy over whether the KU Alumni Association should be able to make Jayhawk license plates available to Missouri residents.

Missouri state senator Bill Stouffer has vowed to do everything he can to stop this from happening:

"[Stouffer] said he wouldn’t be able to look his grandchildren in the eyes if he allowed the KU license plate to go forward.  “My goal is just to save the world from a mythical bird invasion in the state of Missouri,” Stouffer said."  (via LJ-World:  full story  here ).

Chip:  "People are missing the point of this story.  If a KU alumnus chooses to live in Missouri, they don't deserve the privilege of a Jayhawk license plate anyway."


Don't forget that the Percolator's "Pass the Hat" series has its official kick-off tonight with Bears of Blue River, CS Luxem, and Oils.  Read our story from yesterday.

Also tonight:  a firkin tapping and live music on the Free State patio to celebrate American Craft Beer Week.  We hear the first 100 boozers get a free commemorative glass (we will punch you out of the way to get that glass).

And tomorrow night (Wed. May 16) brings another Super Nerd Night at the Bottleneck.  This one is a "Steampunk Hillbilly" edition with the usual nerdery plus steampunk cosplay and tunes from Monzie Leo and Big Sky, the Barnes Bros, and A.J. Gaither of the Fall Down Drunks.   Chip plans to wear his overalls in keeping with the hillbilly theme, but he doesn't have a clue what "steampunk" is all about ("Something to do with trains?" --Chip).   Visit the FB event page here for full info.

Here's an image we found by running a Google image search for "steampunk cosplay."  If tomorrow night looks anything like this, it might just be the greatest night of our lives.

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