Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Craft Beer Week in LFK / Team Bear Club Gets "Jungle Fever" / The Wait for EMU's Waiting for Godot is Almost Over

Readers, we're smack dab in the middle of American Craft Beer week and, if you're like us, you're drunk right now.  We attended the Full Kimono firkin tapping on the Free State patio last night, which started out as a pushy, sweaty clusterfuck of beer nerds groping toward the firkin like shitfaced zombies but soon gave way to a pleasant evening on the patio with a nice performance by Old Fangled.  Tonight brings an evening of "beer-themed" trivia to Free State at 8:30.  Tomorrow promises Free State beer at Cottin's Farmer's Market (we're hearing rumors of Oatmeal Stout ice cream floats).  And all week long you can "Tour the Taps" at the Oread:  "Get a punch card, try all 14 craft beers and receive two pint glasses" (via LJ-World, which doesn't mention any prices, but we assure you it ain't free!).  The tour sounds pretty great, though, aside from the whole hanging out at the Oread part, but presumably you won't get your ass kicked by former basketball players so long as you stay out of The Cave.


Also, since it's Wednesday, we're already looking ahead to the weekend.  On Friday, those pranksters in Team Bear Club are bringing the "Jungle Fever" edition of Mingle to the Taproom.  (Chip: "Is this PC?  Is it okay to talk about this?"). 

The FB event page promises "A Booty Mist Rainforest" (which sold us immediately!), "Dengue Fever in the Goomba Forest," and "Cosmic Miscegenation."  We're not sure what any of that means (or even what a "goomba" is, for that matter), but we're certain the evening will offer a lot of chances to grind on folks of all different colors.  Go check it out.


And this weekend is the start of EMU's long-awaited free outdoor production of Waiting for Godot on the Haskell powwow grounds at 6:00 on Friday and Saturday. It sounds made up, but apparently it's true.  And if isn't happening when you get there, just keep waiting.

The EMU website says:

"EMU chose to produce this play, in part, because it is such a hugely significant work of theater despite the fact that many in EMU and the Lawrence community have never seen nor read it."

Hopefully, the actors have read it by this point.  

We await your verdict, sophisticated Larryville theatergoers.  Is there a flier for this thing anywhere?  If we could find it, we'd share it.

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