Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Fridays Photo Blog

Another Final Friday has come and gone and we observed, critiqued, and (in some cases) even appreciated the art.

Here's a sampling of what we saw (click to enlarge and we hope you enjoy the virtual tour of Final Fridays).

We saw a man in a giant inflatable suit strolling down 9th Street. The wind blew him down in the Conoco parking lot. Chip pointed and laughed.

We saw a lovely lady from Quixotic Fusion performing a trapeze act of sorts in front of the Lawrence Arts Center. If you think we had boners during the performance then you are correct.

We saw some lucha libres! (inside the Arts Center)

At Wonder Fair we saw some squiggly lines projected on a screen. We wish Wonder Fair could get a special license to sell "magic mushrooms" and weed (or even K-2) during their "happenings." It would help us to understand.

At the Hobbs-Taylor Lofts we saw this pairing of beer art and tasteful nudes. (Chip: "Finally, art that speaks a language I can understand. The language of beer and titties.").

Also at the Hobbs-Taylor Lofts, we saw a series of photographs containing local fixture Dennis (and his dolls). Is it art, or is it exploitation? Why can't it be both?


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